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About Edjudaica

"Cutting Edj. Jewish Learning"

Edjudaica is dedicated to making Jewish learning imaginative, meaningful, relevant, and accessible to all ages. We believe that Jewish wisdom can enhance the way we live our daily lives by inspiring action in our local and global communities and reconnecting us to the beauty of the present moment. 

Silverman Headshot 2.jpg

Samantha Silverman

Founder, CEO

Samantha is passionate about making Jewish learning an engaging, illuminating, joyful, and sweet experience for all ages. She has spent the past fifteen years designing Jewish educational curriculum for camps, preschools, synagogues, and community centers. At eighteen, she moved to Israel to study at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Four adventure-filled years later, she returned to the United States fluent in Modern Hebrew and ready to finish her BA. She received her BA in Jewish Studies and Hebrew Literature from UCLA and her MA in Religious Studies with an emphasis on Hebrew Bible and Second Temple Judaism from Yale.


Leah Savage

Managing Director

Leah is passionate about education and particularly loves helping children learn through experimentation and play. Leah has worked for several years in education, both with children and adults and in formal and informal settings. She worked for a decade at Camp Haverim, a Jewish day camp in Southern California, where she helped children create a Jewish community and embrace their Jewish identity. A devoted Bruin, Leah earned her BA in history and her Masters in Education before she moved to the East Coast to begin working on her PhD in history, focusing on racial identity in the United States, at Stony Brook University.  

Meg Headshot.jpg

Meg Adler

Head Illustrator and Creative Consultant

Meg is a Jewish educator and illustrator born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She holds a B.A. from UCLA in creative writing: poetry and a Masters in Religion from Yale Divinity School. She founded her illustration company Letters, Aligned, in 2014, starting with very simple lettering projects and since then, it has morphed into the mission-led community it is today! Currently, she also works as the Assistant Director of Jewish Life and Learning at Camp Tawonga and she lives with her family (wife, 2 cats, parents, and their dog!) in Oakland, California. You can learn more about Meg by visiting

Brianna Abrams Head Shot.jpg

Brianna Abrams

Director of Operations

Brianna is passionate about supporting those who seek to infuse Judaism into their lives in fun and meaningful ways. Brianna’s personal mission is: To learn and grow while helping others learn and grow. She developed this passion while studying and earning degrees at Pitzer College (BA in Psychology) and the University of Southern California (Masters in Education). From there, she continued symbiotic learning and growth while supporting student leaders at UCSB, and serving as Development and Education Director at the Santa Barbara/Tri-Counties ADL. At Edjudaica, she pitches in wherever she can and strives to ensure the Edjudaica community can experience “ancient wisdom for the present moment” through our innovative curricula.


Adam Verhasselt

Creative Director

Adam is passionate about making information delicious and digestible, and creating visually transportive experiences for people to explore and enjoy. He brings six years of experience in visual communication and creative direction to Edjudaica, not to mention a wealth of creativity and raw talent. He finds artistic inspiration in the innovation and ingenuity generated by the intersection of visual arts and marketing and communications. Adam is dedicated to creating content that has lasting emotional and visceral impact. You can check out more of his work at And don’t miss his epic birthright video!

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